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Protobuf protocol buffer .net c# implementation

I’ve red about protocol buffers many month ago, when i was googling about a simple and fast RPC implementation. My attention was attracted by the low transmission bandwidth consumption and the object oriented message system. After a fast analysis I’ve tried to use these open-source products:

  • protobuf-net (Last update Sep 2013, Apache license 2.0)
  • protobuf-remote (c# 1.1, Last update Apr 2011, LGPL)

I  recommend you to start by the example in the Sample  folder (PrimeClient and PrimeServer), there you can see a simple RPC implementation for the math function: bool isPrime(int number) The client query the server in a synchronous and asynchronous way for the desired number.


I’ve made the test with Visual Studio 2013, you don’t need to install or configure nothing (only dll reference in your project)

Problems found:

I’ve tried to create a my client-server implementation using Socket class, but it doesn’t work for me. I think that the implementation has some bugs, or need an improvement for working with Socket. It works very well using TcpClient and TcpListener classes.